April 24th, 2005


Mena's Mom, Episode 2 - Revenge of the Rats

Most of the day went OK.  Went on up to beautiful East Palo Alto for another visit with Mena's mom, Mena's sister Nellie, and Mena's son Sam.  I of course got tapped to somehow rescue a PC that had been donated because it had ceased to boot properly.  The joys of computer literacy.

Otherwise, just hung out, watched some movies (I would not recomment Mansquito to anyone), had some OK chow mein, then headed home.

Not too long after I got here, stormmonkey came home and blew up.  I opted for the "cower in your room" strategy that has served me so well in the past.  Simply act like you're not here, don't answer the phone, and wait for it to blow over...

As to why, well, a few days ago I noticed the ugly, smelly, messy, unpleasant, putrid...  Let me restart.  A few days ago, I noticed the giant rat cage had disappeared from the living room.  I figured Rachell had moved it out.  It turns out that, no, Rachell had originally decided without asking to move it into the living room, and "She" had decided without asking to move it instead onto the back porch.

Now, I've known about this for a day or so, so I can't claim innocence in the situation.  I do feel bad for the poor little verm.. uh, furry things.  And it was a heartless thing for "She" to do.  But I can't help but feel a certain sense of karma at work.

We'll see what I'll have to say about karma when I survey the latest damage in the morning.

Needless to say I can't wait for both of them to be GONE.
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Son of Rats Meets Daughter of Frankenstein

So I now have an update on the happenings last night from Mena.

Apparently all the yelling I heard last night - and quite a bit I didn't hear - was stormmonkey cornering Mena.  She didn't even try to talk to "She".

I figure there's one of two possible reasons for this.  Either she thinks Mena is the house slave, or she's afraid to confront both me and "She", and takes it out on Mena as a "safe" alternative.

In any case, she apparently got Mena to agree that she (Rachell) was here all the time taking care of her animals.  Mainly because Mena wanted Rachell to go away and let her sleep.  I mean, talk about patently untrue - if that had been true, they wouldn't have spent 4 days in the back yard before Rachell even found out.

In any case, Rachell apparently has threatened to call both the police and the ASPCA on "She".  This could get amusing.  After explaining the situation, it's not clear who'd end up charged with what...
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It's the Grass, Man

"She" and Lajosh are cleaning up the front yard.  I can't exactly complain - at least under Lajosh's direction, they're doing a reasonably good job.  I'll reserve my amusement for the motivation, which I suspect is a mix of (1) chemical, (2) sucking up, and (3) attempting to take ownership.

I even took a trip out to get oil for the lawnmower, and Lajosh is theoretically fixing my lawnmower blades.  Probably is, actually - tweaker or no, the guy's actually pretty competent.

The more surreal parts were "She" saying something weird to me, follwed by Lajosh calling out "Is that any way to treat the man you're going to marry?", and "She" asking me, while trimming the rosemary, if I liked her acting like a lesbian.

I told her it was nice to see her productive for a change, and when she repeated herself a couple of times, I asked Lajosh if there was something I needed to know about him.  He was amused, and I was amused, so I'll consider that conversation a 2 out of 3 win.
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