April 15th, 2005


Futzing Around

Woke up long enough to let timenchanter borrow one of my shirts as he left my closet on the way to work.  So yes, not only did Timmy go into the closet, but he left the closet wearing a rainbow shirt.

Then back to blessed sleep.  I woke up long enough to install some software.  Since the 15th is tomorrow, I of course would be getting my taxes working - or so one would think.  But no, I spent most of the day making sure the Palm showtimes application and support was properly moved to the upstairs computer.  Go me!  A+ for procrastination.

Then off to the show, which was quite good, and extremely busy.  Quite a number of attractive ladies, of all persuasions, some new to me, some not.  A number of new singers.  One heck of a big rotation.

I was somewhat distracted by the fact that, goddammit, I had all the supplies necessary for two books, but hadn't bound them.  So I set up a table in the DJ booth, and brought the supplies and binding machine.  Of course, I was busy enough that I didn't finish the books until the end of the night, but at least there are now two updated books available for general consumption.

Ended up at Denny's with Timmy, kozmic_tar, trivialt, and nevie.  Interesting, if bizarre, conversation.  Then home, and now, more sleep.  Yes, more.
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