April 13th, 2005


Chaufferage and Parties

I was a little late getting timenchanter back from the warehouse, but that had more to do with the early - and unpredictable - time at which the shredders decide to take off.  We came back to the house, and worked on printing books and disc shopping.  And also getting my financial stuff moved upstairs, so I can install and run TurboTax.  I've had Quicken 2005 and the necessary TurboTax discs for about 2 months - can you say procrastination?

In case any one of my riveted readers wonders, I need to move from the downstairs computer because it's (1) Windows 98, which most software is phasing out, and (2) Shared by all the housemates, so it has more bizarre trojans, viruses, and general gunk all over it than a mud wrestling camp follower.

Of course, now that I have Quicken installed, I need to get all of my Treo synchronization software to move as well.  This is likely to get messy.

At the last minute, we rushed off to Timmy's, because he had a dinner party to cook for.  For which to cook.  Whatever.  I took a shower while he cleaned the place up and uh, cooked.  A nice group of people came over:  Heather, her housemate Bradley, rebekie, and h2ocrazyguy.

After dinner, cekyr0 and jeffercine dropped by to pick up some of Alex's stuff to move to the new apartment.  They were a little shocked and disturbed by the size of the crowd saying "hi".  'Twas cute.

Afterwards, Timmy finally got me to watch "The Birdcage".  It was, of course, quite good, though as I predicted, it missed a lot of my favorite moments from "La Cage Aux Folles".  It's purely a matter of which one I was exposed to first.

Another night of semi-sleeping and reading webcomics.  I should plug this thing:  It's called It's Walky, which is remarkably unprepossessing as a name.  It started out as a standard campus comic, with the usual jokes and situations - in fact the original comic name was Roomies.  Like most of the good webcomics, it has since developed quite a bit more, and covered both serious and ridiculous issues, quite well.  It's taking me so long to get through because it's been a daily comic strip since 1997.

So now I'm again back home, again confronting sleep as a major option, and having to confront the fact that none of my housemates thought to put the garbage out.  This is going to be a messy week, I can tell.
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