April 11th, 2005


Not Really Nostalgic

I had about 6 hours left after getting home from hanging out with unbreak_able, of which I believe I managed to sleep 4.  Mostly because of outside interruptions.  Oh well.

Which means I got to remember what most of my days felt like when I had a regular job and the karaoke.  I'd stumble through the week, and manage to catch up more-or-less on Saturdays.

I suspect this has more to do with my not being too enthusiastic about a regular job than anything else.  The normally getting enough sleep thing is niiice.  Of course, the normally having enough money thing is nice, too.  Sigh.

Anyway - the show was pleasant, if a little slow.  The two most notable things were that dancin_whitey stayed pretty much all night, and that timenchanter's brother Ira (And Ira's wife Alicia) came in.  This was Ira's second exposure to a gay bar, and his first at KoC.  Apart from some initial nervousness he did OK.

bluize really wanted to shut down early, and it was slow, so I ended the last round at 12:55.  This was really only hard on two people:  Steven and supersniffles, who both get out of work late.  In Steven's case, he only got to sing three songs, so it was all right.  But poor Cindi was late because of a terrible night at work, and got there after Kris had closed everything up.  A Button with no beer is a terrible thing to behold...

Timmy and I grabbed some food, then went to his place, where I've been sleeping on the couch.  It puts me in a good position for driving him to work, which I'm just about to do.  Then home to my bed.
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