April 4th, 2005


Pushing On

Most of the day yesterday was spent sleeping.  Occasionally I'd get up the energy to surf.  Not what you'd call active.

And the show just fit right in.  That was possibly the slowest Sunday I've seen in ages.  It actually picked up a bit around midnight, and moved from moribund to slow, but, well...

It doesn't help that the bluize "dark cavern of doom" lighting setup is only non-depressing if you have at least a half-full bar.

Apparently we weren't the only place.  Eddie took off for the city because he didn't like the atmosphere - and came back later.

I'd blame the rain, but, well, I've seen cheerful rainy nights before.  Ah well.

Came home, and Mena was up and talking to Anisha.  This was a worry, mainly the matter of Mena being up - I'll have to talk to her about that.  It's probably nothing, but when a former tweaker is talking to a present one, and awake several hours after her usual bedtime...

Got a little bit of sleep, then up to drop off the car at the body shop, then to the rental place.  I'm now driving a Monte Carlo, of all things.

And now I should head back to sleep.  Probably right after I print up that 30 day notice that I promised stormmonkey yesterday.

Llorona is, of course, alone in the living room, which stinks to high heaven.
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