April 3rd, 2005


Fed Up

I'm just now calm enough to type.

It's not that there's a particular reason for me to snap right now, but things have been building.

To recap, stormmonkey has basically not been home for about 4 days.  She showed up for a little bit last night to take Llorona with her to fair.  Mena sent me a message celebrating the glorious lack of dog.

After which, Rachell came back, said she'd got the weekend wrong, unceremoniously dumped the dog on Mena, and took off.

The dog went relatively berserk, and among other things broke Mena's phone.

So when I got home tonight, to find the dog inside and Rachell gone, I just snapped.  I've notified Rachell that by tomorrow I'll have a 30 day notice ready for her.

Now I just have to figure out how to get the dog out of here before the 30 days is over.  Destroyed dog run or not, the damn thing cannot stay in my house.
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Kyle's Party

I spent a lot of the day sleeping, not too surprisingly.

I was supposed to go have lunch with trivialt yesterday, but his phone isn't working, he didn't contact me, and, to be honest, after I got ready I just about keeled over and went back to sleep anyway.

I even got to nikari's party late.  But not too late.  Had a fun evening just hanging out with people, talking and making bad puns.

Then home to the House of Drama.  Damn it.  I also need to figure out how to get John out.

Experienced couch surfers are much like other parasites:  Hard to remove.
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