March 30th, 2005


My Evening With Cindi

Last night was a movie night at supersniffles' house.  She had been shocked that I hadn't ever seen Breakfast Club, and decided to correct the problem forthwith.

So we watched that and Not Another Teen Movie.  timenchanter was supposed to join us, but he ended up playing mother hen to neo83, who had just gone through a medical test from hell.  And then he went off to Splash to have fun and wish nikari a happy birthday.

There was at least one more defection, so we were only myself, Cindi, her friend Amy, and justnate.  Quite enough people to have a great deal of fun, which we did.  Must do that again, sometime.

Then I went of to Mini Gourmet, had supper with Timmy, and came home.  stormmonkey is of course out and about, but at least this time Llorona is where she should be when not sleeping with Rachell:  Out in her kennel.  Yay for the lack of gnawing and tearing sounds in the corridor!
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