March 27th, 2005



Well, I did drag myself out of bed to lunch with timenchanter.  I of course woke up an hour and a half after my alarm...

And Armelle wasn't working.  Oh well.  The Dana Street Roasting Company is a quaint little run-down place, and the food was adequate.

Then back home to my room, where I've been ever since.  Good thing I had some snacks in here - or was it?  Hmmm.

I tried to get some more simulation work done, but, well, mostly I've been reading an archive of horror/mystery stories from a defunct comic called Misty.  Good fun.  It was a newsprint weekly than ran 1978-1980 for young girls, mostly cribbing stuff from Weird Tales and the like.

Meanwhile, "She" is moving back in from Tony's.  Apparently she left him, which is not exactly what I expected.  But it means the Drama Queen will be here near continuously until June 1st.  Make of it what you will.
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Oh Boy.

In the time "She"'s been home - about 2 hours, she's:
  • Asked to borrow my phone charger
  • Told me to keep the charger if it wasn't working perfectly, could she borrow the car key to go get hers?
  • Come back and asked me if I'd given her the charger, then taken it
  • Come back again wondering if she'd left the car key and her cigarettes in my room
Apparently someone set her personalities on "fast spin".

As opposed to "spun", which she isn't particularly looking like for a change...
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Ah, The Joys of Drama

So, as I said, "She" borrowed the car to get her stuff. Which means she somehow found the key...

Well, anyway, Tony is apparently not happy with her. Sooo not happy that he took a swing at her face, and kicked a new dent in my car door. Fucker.

So I have a claim in for it, and now I just need to deal with the joys of body shops and $250 deductibles.

Tony, of course, isn't the type to have wads of cash hanging around...
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