March 24th, 2005


The Joys of Child Vomit

I was, as usual, up and down all morning, mostly wasting away my life surfing - but doing a little bit of work at the same time.

Finally slept some, woke up around 2:20, then got ready to head up to Frida's (Stuart's off on another trip).  timenchanter had called in sick today, but was feeling better, so he came along.  Of course it took me until 4:30 to get out of the house...

Frida was, as always, Frida.  That is to say, fun, entertaining, and obsessed with the subjects of sex and relationships.

It turned out she had a meeting in the evening, so Timmy and I agreed to put Sabrina to bed.  She was already pretty groggy, and passing out in the living room, so things didn't seem too difficult.

She started screaming as soon as Timmy picked her up, and yelled at the top of her lungs for her mommy for around half an hour while we - I should say Timmy - tried to calm her down.  In the end he had to just firmly tell her to stay in bed, and closed the door to her room.  Shortly, she was coming out - but not for the reason we'd thought.  She'd screamed and cried so hard she'd made herself puke, and the stuff was all over her, the bed, and the floor.

So we had to clean it all up, find new clothes, find new bedclothes, wash the old ones, etc, etc, etc.  Sabrina, however, became quite a bit more subdued, and let Timmy read her a story while I loaded the washer and cleaned the carpet.

Frida was incredibly embarrassed when she got home.  Timmy was nostalgic.  He apparently remembered child puke in some sort of happy way.  The man will make a good mother for some child someday.

Otherwise, watched Camp (Good film), ate a generous dinner, and hung out in the hot tub.
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Robots, Friday

OK, I've been trying to get to see this movie for a while - I will be seeing it Friday evening.  This is an invitation to anyone who is able to and would like to join in.  In this case, this would be anyone who reads my journal, and anyone they choose to tell.

The tentative plan is this:

Century 20 Oakridge, 8:35pm, 3/25/05

It has nice theaters, it happens to be convenient to the two people I have so far (Myself and timenchanter, of course), and it's right next to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I'm planning to have dinner around 7:00pm.  Anyone who's interested is invited to that, as well.

If you're interested, either let me know, or just show up.  If you let me know, I can get tickets and a table reservation in advance.

If there's a funding problem, we can discuss that as well.
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On the way to the show tonight, I was stopped behind an enormous, shiny Lincoln Town Car.

The license plate holder had a biblical reference, there were a couple of small, official-looking cross stickers, and the license plate itself read "BISHOP P".

When the light changed, the car sped off, faster than I could follow, weaving through traffic. If you've seen me drive, you'll know how impressive that is.

Now, I don't know if this was actually a bishop, or in what church if so. But somehow I strongly suspect this was actually a church official.

It just made me sad about humanity. I mean, were I Christian, and were I to actually to read Christ's teachings, I'd take one look at any member of the hierarchy living like this and say "Fuck this - I'm outta here. New church time for me."

I mean, trust me, this Town Car would be a heck of a lot harder to thread through the eye of a needle than a camel.
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