March 15th, 2005



That was a hard Monday to get through.  Got timenchanter to work, and also to his car at noon, which was good.  Then filled in on some sleep, and off to the show!

I was, of course, incredibly late again.  I believe I got there at 7:55.  Ah well - got the show started at about 8:15.

It was incredibly slow all night.  This was all right for the first couple of hours, because of the company.  Eddie and Ramiro were bartending, and otherwise we had hollyk, unbreak_able, yammylee, Justin S., and nikari.  Holly left us after two songs, and Maggie joined us after a bit.  Then Lee took off, and Debbie took off, and the rotation got weird.  Three guys somewhat saved things by coming in and doing Josh Groban songs.  Well, and Barry Manilow.  You should get the drift.  I'm glad they got to sing, and they sang well, but it wasn't exactly a party atmosphere.

Then they left.  I was just about to give up for the night when another group came in, already drunk.  As Eddie put it "They exceeded the fun capacity of the establishment".  They were having a blast, which was good.  Two of them sang a few songs, and then I shut down.

There's just something exhausting about a slow show.

Such is life.  Meanwhile, stormmonkey still hasn't completed her reinforcements on the dog run - the ones that were sure to be done by last Thursday.  She opted instead to go to a fair for the weekend.  I've notified Mena that she should put the dog out when she's not up to watching her.  If the enclosure isn't complete enough, oh well.  Obviously Rachell doesn't consider it too important.

I am getting so tired of deadbeat nutjobs.
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