March 12th, 2005



Yesterday was another one of timenchanter's days at the warehouse, so he and I had lunch, and then I planned to do a little bit of cleanup at home (Grab the laptop, that sort of thing) before I headed out to keep him company for the afternoon.

While at home, I finally figured out how to word things to Trudi, and sent her a couple of text messages (Me?  Hide behind text?  Naaah!) thanking her for a wonderful time, which was especially nice of her since she was being kicked out by June 1st.  Also an add-on message saying how proud I was of her to be doing sex for mutual pleasure, rather than expecting some kind of payoff.

I can be a right bastard sometimes.

I just had to show my handiwork to Mena, so I walked downstairs, showed it to her, we both started laughing, and then she started pointing to the family room.  Trudi was home.

Courageous individual that I am, I ran to the car and headed out to warehouse.  No laptop.  Heck, I wasn't even wearing a watch.

So, on the one hand, I've somewhat navigated the situation.  On the other, well, Gods! I'm such a wimp.
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So last night was the big DeAnza dance show.  It was, in fact, extremely good.  I was quite impressed.

unbreak_able had reserved a couple of KoC rows, which was cute.  I'm not really in a position to give a proper review, but I can say:  Wiley and Eddie are extremely good dancers.  spawrhawk is a superlative one.  I knew he danced well, simply from what I've seen him extemporize at the bar, but, wow.  Just... wow.  His choreography was pretty damn amazing, too.

I'm still trying to think of what to say about Debbie's dance piece.  I guess the impression I left with is that I believe I could see what she wanted, and am quite impressed with that.  However, and perhaps this is my lack of perception, the execution felt like it fell somewhat flat.  Hmmm.  I believe each dancer, followed through the set, was impressive on his own.  However, certain parts of the piece required synchronicity between all four, and that never quite seemed to happen.  Perhaps the resulting dissonance was intentional (Especially given the theme of futility), but that's not the feeling it carried.

Ah well.  I enjoyed it.

It was interesting putting a face on Heather, the nemesis.  Actually, a face and a body.  She's tall, slim, attractive, and an extremely good dancer.  But, I have to say, rather a boring choreographer.

A couple of Wiley's, uh, "fans" were wearing T-shirts that said "Wiley's Hoes".  dancin_whitey thinks we should all wear "Little Debbie's Snackcakes" T-shirts to future shows...

We all then headed off to Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi's Too for the after-party.  Well, at least the KoC after-party.  Fun, as usual.  I was slightly embarassed - I was sitting next to Mariel, and until I got the spelling right, I couldn't fully remember her.  Such is life.

Then to KoC for drinks.  Things started to fizzle, there, because people were tired.  Timmy, however, started on a new project:  Pull Bob out of his shell.  We succeeded enough that we went to Denny's with him, and had some extremely fun knock-down, drag-out arguments.  Well, Timmy had most of the arguments.  I was too tired at that point to do too much more than fan fires when they started to die down.
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