March 5th, 2005


Connie & Carla

Got a little bit of sleep in, then failed to get in contact with unbreak_able...

Did, unfortunately, have a long text exchange with "She".  Not fun at all.

After futzing around for a while, headed off to Red Robin for some dinner, then to the bar to see dancin_whiteyunbreak_able was there, which at least alleviated any worries that she had gotten herself further damaged.

Shortly after I got there, Debbie, nikari, k_magic, yammylee, wavewarrior and I decided to head off to find a movie.  Unfortunately, at 11:00, even on a Friday, there's not a lot showing.  In fact, nothing at the Shoreline theater.  After milling around for a bit, someone suggested Blockbuster.  I of course got a little lost, but I got there about halfway through the selection process - which ended up with Connie&Carla.  I believe at least 3 of us hadn't seen it yet.

After another stop for booze, all of us but Mark headed back to Kyle's place.  Mark apparently was working on some booty call or other.

Good movie, good times, good people.  Lots of fun.  As usual, I was laughing too damn loud, and I hope I didn't wake any neighbors.

Just after the movie ended (Good timing, that), got a panicked call from Mena.  Someone, we don't know who, has run off with/lost the combination lock key.  Which wouldn't be so bad, except that Mellie locked Mena out, and noone else was in the house.

So, slightly buzzed, I had to speed home to unlock the door, in order to reunite panicked mother and crying toddler.  Yay me.
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Not much done today - so far.  Not too surprising given my schedule, but then I don't really have anything planned for the evening.

Shopped around for keypad locks, both to solve the rekeying problem and prevent last night's little debacle (The key and combination lock were found in the grass outside this morning - go figure).  So, of course, when I took off, someone had left the back door not only unlocked, but slightly ajar.  Everyone in the house is completely innocent of this, of course.

Bought some cinderblock at Home Depot, that I'll try to dig in tomorrow (Block Llorona digging at the garden gate).  Llorona is going out then.  She continues to chew/rip/destroy everything she can get her teeth on, including the parts for the new vacuum cleaner.

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