March 4th, 2005



Didn't do too much yesterday, except deal with a continual stream of complaints about stormmonkey from "She".  I didn't have the courage (Spine, whatever) to tell her that her notice was coming.

It's always interesting.  "She"'s complaints about people are frequently quite apt, except (1) She refuses to see how the same complaints apply to her, and (2) Her method of complaining takes little problems and makes them into huge, intractable problems, with little hope of solution.  She truly is the Drama Queen.

As a result of dealing with that, I was incredibly late to the show.  Fortunately, timenchanter had set pretty much everything up by the time I got there (Thank you thank you thank you thank you).  This was especially important because we were slammed.  Crowded.  Mobbed, even.  I might have been lynched if I'd taken a normal length of time to set up.

The show itself was a hell of a lot of fun.  Well, for me, anyway - and a lot of people looked like they were having a good time.  I can understand some frustration - the second rotation was something like 3 hours long.  I ran out of chart.  Ah well.

Had to get up "early" today and get my windshield fixed, then went to lunch with Timmie, and hung out with him a bit at the warehouse.  Trying to nap a little now, before seeing if the lovely unbreak_able is still interested in a movie, and maybe some dinner.  This might be difficult, since I just had a little message exchange with "She" about her tenancy...
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