March 2nd, 2005



Spent another day lolling around, then got up and rushed out to get a couple of things done before, for example, banks closed.  Took timenchanter out to dinner, since he's broke until his next paycheck...

Somewhere in there I managed to do some design work.  I'm supposed to talk to some poor applications engineer tomorrow about the new module, so I tried to do some homework on that subject.  Like most of these devices, the documentation is seriously lacking.

In the meantime, had some drama around the number of people camping out in the living room.  Mostly, "She" went ballistic, then Mena called me.  I told her my take, which was more on the sane side of "She"'s.  Then "She" called me.  Etc, etc.

The upshot was that everyone took off.  Except there's another one on the couch right now...  Sigh.

The dog continues to be a problem.  stormmonkey's been told the dog goes outside starting Sunday.  It's not clear that she believes me.

You know it's bad when "She" is the closest to the voice of sanity that you're hearing.  She's apparently now back on a sobriety swing.  It'll be interesting to see how this fits with the Tony situation...

Went to KoC to hear dancin_whitey spin, and hang out for a bit.  Talked to unbreak_able and Eddie, then worked for an hour or so after Debbie went home.  Then off to Splash, where things were pretty empty, too.  Talked to La Jentra a bit, then headed off to Carrows to sit around and surf.

And now I'm back.  Turned the thermostat down from 77 so my room isn't at 90, and filling up with fumes from Llorona's latest accident.

Maybe I should head back to Carrow's...
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