February 28th, 2005


Cough, Hack, Sing!

Spent another full day in bed - or at least close.  Up when the coughing got too bad, back when it got better.

Somehow still managed to get some design work done - this is good.  It was the initial reason I started closeting myself in my room, after all.

Dragged myself off to the bar, and had, well, a quite pleasant show.  It was fairly slow - mostly because of the rain, I'd assume, though I know a large part of the known world is sick.

Discovered that while my upper range is OK, my lower range is severely curtailed.  Unfortunately, that's where I'm used to singing.  A few painful songs as a result.  Oh well.

Got to see unbreak_able for the first time since her accident, dragging her bum leg along.  Managed to avoid doing any Igor jokes, thank goodness.

Roxy came back after about a 45 day absence, acting a lot less wild, with a more standard look.  Didn't recognize the envelope she'd previously decorated, and had to replace it with something more girly.  Looks like I may have collected another one.

And I'm back to Carrows, enjoying some hot pasta, hot tea, and hot soup.  Life is reasonably good.
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