February 23rd, 2005


Old Home Night at Splash

I spoke too soon, earlier - after feeling and declaring I was awake, I collapsed again for several hours.  A call from timenchanter woke me up enough to tell that he'd called, but I fell asleep again before being able to answer.

No matter.  Woke up, reshowered, headed off to Timmy's for dinner.  Finished my Rent rant while there.  Then off to Splash to find, well, most all of KoC.  We were the first ones there, but it wasn't long before unbreak_able and yammylee showed up.  Then Apple and valeriesparks.  Then pretty much everyone.  I won't list everyone, but cekyr0, dancin_whitey, rapp81, nikari, Ramiro, trivialt, kozmic_tar, Eddie, and eventually even James came in.

This was especially bizarre since Splash was having a slow night, so the KoC crowd was largely what filled the bar.  Odd.  Fun, though.

Sang Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover".  Need to raise the key.  Also, none of the methods specified seemed to include "Toss the girl with no income in the middle of the last semester for which she can receive support and who doesn't quite have her section 8 approved out on her ass".  Damn.

Had fun.  Got to hear Ursula sing.  Not too damn shabby.  Somehow got tired, as did Timmy.  As did a bunch of other people as well.  Headed home.  Watched an episode of Zim.  Now sleep.
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