February 19th, 2005


Mink Sportswear

unbreak_able showed up after her flight, and after we'd all slept for a bit, we got up around 11:00, got ready for the day, and marched forth.

After last night, my feet were tired starting out.  And, well, they stayed that way.  Had lots of fun.  I can't even keep complete track of where we went - we visited Canal St, walked through Greenwich Village, accidentally ended up in Chelsea for a bit, did the Empire State thing, and by then it was late afternoon, so we went to the Jekyll&Hyde club for dinner.

I took some photos.  I will post some later.  Mostly streetscapes and landmarks (Carnegie Hall).  At least one of timenchanter, and at least one of Debbie.  The Empire State was interesting, 3 sides were reasonably temperate, and the fourth had the wind chill from hell.  The picture I took of Debbie through there quite unfortunately didn't come out - her hair was flying straight up.  I'm sure mine was, too, but hers is more impressive.

Timmy and Debbie got me a "I only date crack whores" t-shirt for some reason or other...

And then we went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  One of the funniest things I have ever seen.  I want that music.  The actors were great, the music was great, the lyrics were funny as hell, and the choreography was damn good.  Many thumbs up.

We met up with electrichobbit at the door on our way out (As planned), and stumbled into a nearby bar because we couldn't figure out anything definite to do, and it was cold.  The temperatures haven't been so bad, but the windchill has been hard to take.

After that, a comedy show, then we poured into room, and voilà!  Tired, tired people.

After some extension cord/adapter magic so everyone's electronics can plug in, here we are.  Sleep!
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