February 15th, 2005


Still Sick

So I'm still sick - no surprise there.  Apparently this thing is going through the bar, too, dammit - it's certainly going through my house.

But I'm past the "I can't stand the sore throat - anything but the sore throat!" phase and I'm well into "I can't stand the congestion - anything but the congestion!" phase, so there's hope for the future.  Namely Thursday.

Tomorrow I've just gotta pull myself together, because I gotta pack.  And maybe write some of those pesky bills before I leave, so the power or water aren't shut off while I'm gone - I'm guessing that would be a bad thing.

From the reports, timenchanter did a fine job of the show last night - yay Timmy!

I think there might be more to say, but large parts of my brain are shut down.
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    What You Waiting For -- Gwen Stefani