February 13th, 2005


Happy Birthday, Carla!

During the day, my main activity was post-bar cleanup. Making sure timenchanter had his car, I had mine, Mena had her wallet, little things like that.

And then off to spend the evening at the Gay Bar for the not-quite-surprise party for cmjfoxfyre.  Got to see Noe&Chris, who I haven't seen in ages.  Hung out with cekyr0, and jeffercine, and Shawn, and Carla, and Kristine's boyfriend Bob, and just talked for hours.

Then back home.  Low-key, low drama.  Even had a pleasant phone conversation with "She".

We likes the low stress.  It's such a novelty.
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Black&Blue Pictures!

Here is a small, edited selection of pictures I took at the Black&Blue Ball.  I took 91 that were worth keeping, so if there's a something you'd like to see, ask - I may have it.  I'm rather amused by my choices of subjects, but I think what I have turned out well.

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