February 11th, 2005


I Hope You Enjoyed Your Trip Through This Door

Well, after panicking about potentially having an actual job (No, not again!), I made some design progress on the project.  So some good came of my afternoon panic...

Headed off to pick up timenchanter at 6:30, so of course his union meeting continued until 7:10 or so.  Sped him home as best as traffic would allow, then unlocked his apartment.

From there, I should have been speeding off to the show.  And I would have been, except I really needed to eat.  Turns out I hadn't really bothered since about 2:00am.  This meant (1) I was looking for food, and (2) I was in no condition to make sane decisions.  I don't know where I got to, but I think I was in Los Gatos when I turned up Almaden road, and finally ended up at the Branham Carl's.  Once fortified there, I managed to make it to the bar - but somewhat late.  Still managed to start only 12 minutes late...

And ended up semi-braindead through the show.  Or at least - slower than usual.  Taking a minute to figure out I'd given Gretchen the wrong song, then another minute and a half to figure out it was because I'd pulled the wrong disc.  Not noticing that rapp81 and cekyr0 had the same song up.  Taking forever to find the time to cut the slips I'd brought with me.  Though I don't think it showed too much, apart from the Gretchen bit.  So all-in-all I'm feeling reasonably pleased with myself.

Definitely a lot of people I like.  unbreak_able, of course.  hollyk, though she didn't seem interested in talking.  trivialt, kozmic_tar (Singing - and well!), timenchanter (After his dinner with pjdorian), supersniffles, and then the whole Black&Blue crowd:  Gabe, Valerie, cekyr0, jeffercine, Larry...

Fun night, even if I wasn't completely there.
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