February 9th, 2005



Spent the day stressing about the impending house meeting, which never happened. Possibly because everyone was avoiding it - I sure was.

Took Mena to the MetroPCS store to get her phone replaced around 3:00, then went out "to get lunch", which I managed to stretch for a couple of hours (Among other things, a nice long stroll through Circuit City).

Got back, and stormmonkey wasn't there, so I ran to my room. Actually had something approaching a panic attack a little later.

Then I took off to timenchanter's, and spent the evening watching Willow and surfing. Actually got some design work done in there somewhere (Woo! Progress!).

I know what I need to do, and I know why. I apparently simply need to convince the rest of myself of this before I go completely batshit.
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I went across the street for doughnuts last night (Mmmm - doughnuts!), and Silver, who's been living outside since Llorona got here, followed me, crying pitifully.

So on my way back I scooped him up, and against all struggles brought him to my room, where he shortly figured out the big bad puppy wasn't going to eat him.

So I've spent all night pettin' the pussy, who's being quite demanding.

Ya get it where ya can...
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