February 4th, 2005


It Emerges

Starting to wake up - though I'm sure I'll go back to sleep after lunch, as usual.

Really, really good night last night.  Ravi came to visit, which is always a kick, and Devon came in with her little nerd entourage - I always enjoy visits from my own kind.  The only downsides were that (1) unbreak_able wasn't feeling well and went home early, and (2) the rotation got so long that at least one group got fairly pissy.  Names will not be mentioned, but they borrowed my last black marker and didn't bring it back...

Most people took the rotation length pretty well, so I'm happy about that.  It was also satisfying that enough evaporated so I could completely clear the board of slips - but they evaporated slowly enough that the bar was never really "empty".

There's the usual "She" drama - Mena saw her raiding the kitchen then taking off with some friends.  "She" vehemently denies taking anything.  A remarkable amount of soup seems to be missing, however.

And I just got my new digital camera for the NY trip.  Just in time for the Black and Blue Ball.   Heh heh.  I'm-a gonna be a happy lil' pervert.
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