February 1st, 2005


Spine? What spine?

So Sunday, I find "She" had enlisted Mena's help in moving her extra clothes into the hall linen closet.  Rather like Mena, I just went along with it.  Then she wanted to go food shopping at Costco.  I just went along with it.  Had a good time, actually - at least when she wasn't complaining about stormmonkey or Mena.  She desperately wanted to make Posole, because she just learned how.

Had a nice show Sunday night.  After I got home, I got a message from "She" asking to borrow the car.  Talking to Mena the next day, she had a couple of tweaker friends over.  She was heading over to Tony's, so I assume the party was there.

Whatever.  Mena did have quite a fit the next day, however, because "She" can't boil water without getting 5 pans dirty.  As a matter of fact, the kitchen, which had just been cleaned, was a mess.  The sink was overflowing with pots, there was stuff stuck to the floor...

"She" can cook reasonably well, but she never cleans up - in fact normally claims the mess is someone else's fault.

Sometimes violently.  Another report from Mena is that "She" is yapping at Rachell almost continuously while Rachell is home, which is driving her off.  Yet another thing I really have to deal with.  I have some problems with her too, but "She" has an ability to just repeat the same garbage over and over again without ever getting tired.  It's pure harassment, though of course it's perfectly reasonable in whatever "She" uses for a mind.  Whatever did I see in her?

Slept in Monday, then went off to grab timenchanter for some lunch.  He wasn't feeling too well.  We found a Vietnamese place that was open in midafternoon, and then headed off to the Shoreline movie theater.  Mainly because rebekie is now working there, and Timmie wanted to see her.  Not that I minded - cute, nice, cuddly women are always good in my book.

So we saw In Good Company, which I'd generally recommend.  Hard to describe - sort of a men's chick flick.  Then off to a pleasant, if typically under-attended Monday show.  Then dinner at Cardinal Lounge, and off to respective homes.
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