January 10th, 2005


Finally Backed Into It

After at least a year of fighting, I've done it. So, to those who've been pressuring me to get an account (And you know who you are): I hope you're happy. Damn youuuuuuu! Now I have another excuse to be Borged into the web at all times!

That said, I'm going to bed. The sun has risen, and my coffin awaits.
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The Bitch Is Back

So, "She" (and her boyfriend) have apparently moved back in. I haven't seen her yet. Most of my info comes from Mena, because I've simply locked myself in my room.

I've always had the most productive way of dealing with stress. Yep, that's me. As Linus once said, "There is no problem so big that you can't run away from it." Or sumpin' like that.

Part of the problem is that I know myself. She may have cheated on me, convinced me to spend money under false pretences, spent ages yelling at me and my friends (Then been incredibly upset on the rare occasion she was yelled at herself), brought thieves into the house, and generally been a completely self-centered, selfish bitch. And that's just the synopsis. But. When I see her, I'll go back to liking her. I'll be pleasant and cooperative. I'll smile as she goes on about Mena and her child leaving a mess, while blissfully ignoring the year she spent drunk, covering my house in potting soil and beer stains. Not to mention the suspicious brownish streak left in the carpet one of the days George, the anal intruder, came to visit...

It's more than a little obvious I need to get her out of my life. Certainly the last 2 months or so she's been living at Tony's have been wonderfully drama free. But how to you expel a person that you just like whenever you see her? Actually, how do you keep her expelled? I have enough friends that have volunteered to move her out that the initial process would be pretty easy, even if she has a two-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff scattered throughout the building.

Ah well. It'll probably be pretty easy, though heartbreaking. I've already warned her twice that I'll call the cops if I see any evidence of drug use. It goes against my views on personal freedom, and would screw up any career she might be contemplating, but I've at least got to keep the meth-heads out of the house. I've had enough stolen, and Mena is at a real risk of losing her baby if something like that is happening around her.

So. Time to take a shower, get dressed, and sneak out of the house.
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