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Baycon Survival, Day 1

I didn't get to the con until about 4:20 yesterday. This wouldn't have been so bad, if (1) the new parking arrangement didn't suck worse than the old one, and (2) I was running up against the "We close the reg desk during the time that people show up after work" rule. It closed at 4:30.

Still, I managed to find good illegal parking, and fork over my money, within the necessary limits. Gotta remember to pre-reg this time, though. That factor of 3 in cost at the door is just painful.

Got a weekend's supply of Go Girl to supersniffles, then spent way too much time in the dealer's room identifying things I vitally need. Ran into Tommy (TamEva) from the Queens Undercover group. Apparently he's been going for years, and we never noticed each other.

In fact, ran into a bunch of people, which is the real reason I keep going. As the evening wore on, I kept getting pounced by Aurellia, and groped by Tracy. Good times. Spent some time talking to EPS - one of the few people I still know from back in college. He's been working on the Metro PDA program, and we had a good discussion about that.

Actually went to the Meet the Guests thing this time, which was kinda cool. Hung out a bit with misdev quite a few times, who was being quite mellow.

Bought a drink for Angela, and got a kiss and a phone number in return. I honestly don't know what to do, weenie that I am. Here we see another demonstration of why I rarely get laid...

Then, of all things, ran into Kendall. In an upstairs men's bathroom, no less. This was his first con, so I showed him around. The visit to the party floor involved, of course, a visit to Jean on the back balcony. She didn't have a lot of business, in large part because there were no real walk-through parties. I doubt many people even knew she was there.

We also made the mistake of drinking some of the blue stuff at Mara's bar. Gotta remember: baaad idea.

Then spent some time at the Leigh-Ann Hussey Filk Wake downstairs. I didn't really know her all that well, but I loved her music, and it's kind of hard to believe she's gone.

And bounced from that up to Rocky Horror, which Kendall had never seen with a cast. He made the mistake of admitting it, too.

That was fun, as usual, though the quips frequently came so thick you couldn't really make them out - or the movie. One of the major reasons I don't go anymore. More irritatingly, the sound system sucked. It kept cutting out for a second or two at semi-random intervals. In a number of cases, it seemed to be cutting out for different speakers at different times. I'm seriously hoping the system belongs to Barely Legal, and not the con, but that seems unlikely.

Then some more wandering, and a bit of watching one of the more bizarre animes I've seen: Koi-Koi 7. It seemed to consist of near-continuous fan service. Quite odd. That's about the point where Kendall gave up and went home. I talked to synkitty and Jasmine for a bit, did a quick floor wander, and decided to do the "go home" thing myself.

And now I'm preparing to go back.

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