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Only Mildly Surreal

Last night's show was, well, different. Certainly not bad, but it had quite a different vibe than usual.

I mostly lay this down to Baycon and X3. Most all the Baycon related people weren't there, for obvious reasons, and the fairly large X3 group kind came and went - so the early evening was busy, but things dropped off fairly precipitously as midnight approached.

trivialt showed off for his boss and coworker. Both of which were damn cute, especially his boss...

On the whole, then, one of the differences was a higher new person/regular ratio. Which just made it a little strange.

One of the largest parties was one for a guy named Edwin. He seemed nice, his group seemed nice, I hope they come back - but I'm really curious about the group dynamic. Edwin gave a very "white" feel. His entourage seemed to consist of cute yound lesbianic asian girls wearing near-identical black pants and black wifebeaters.

Sedara came back after her first visit Monday. That was cool.

It was, not surprisingly, slower than normal. I finished off a 6th round at 1:45.

Then I took Heather home, dropped off a Go Girl with supersniffles (a gift from Stanley), and decompressed at Carrows.

Then home, fiddling around, sleep, the usual.

Right now I need to get my ass in gear, head to Baycon, and get registered. It would be nice to get that done before their evening break. Also before the dealer's room closes.

I still haven't figured out why registration takes a break at the time most people would be arriving, but they do it every year.

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