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The Website's DONE

I've finally finished fiddling with my Dad's website - I think. We've been waiting forever to get information from his publisher, since they supposedly want a particular "links" page.

It's been over a month, now.

So we decided to just put it out without the links.

You can see it here. I think it turned out kinda cool, though I can't say I'm happy about the amount of time I spent tweaking it. I mean, it's a pretty simple set of pages.

I've only looked at it with FireFox and IE. I'm kind of afraid to test out any other browsers - any change to support those is likely to break the first two.

But if you happen to use another browser, let me know how it looks. Gently.

Otherwise, any constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms. I may not do anything with it, but I'll welcome it enthusiastically.

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