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Did Something Happen?

If it did, I'm not sure I remember it. I spent most of last night working out sample lot layouts for the Floyd St. property - that should count for something.

I slept from about 5 to 11:30, then gradually got up, and got myself together. My contact with Frida was her talking to me through the bathroom door before heading out for the afternoon.

I headed back down around 2:00, which meant I made it home before rush hour for once.

I stopped to take some direct pictures of the Floyd property, then went home and slept for a couple of hours. I think I see a trend, here.

Around 6:00, I met timenchanter for dinner at the Aqui in Willow Glen, then wended my way to the bar. I was pretty much set up by 7:45, which is ridiculously early. Of course, I also had 3 singers signed up by then, too.

I haven't started the show yet, but I now have 6 singers. Even with X3 and Baycon, it may be a busyish evening - we'll see.

In other news, I'm now holding a Go Girl for supersniffles, courtesy of trivialt. Who is, in fact, here, in case anyone was wondering.

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