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The Curtain Rises, The Drama Begins

So.  Last night was really nice, despite Sabrina crying for hours because she's sick.  Frida's always a kick, timenchanter came up and hung out, and we had a generally low-key, fun time.

And Stuart's flight came in around midnight, and there was much celebrating.  So much, in fact, that I could hear it downstairs later...

So all was nice, except for the surreal call from, well, who else, "She".  Something about some friend of hers named Debbie that was looking for a place, and had a job, and would be extra money.  All very nice, positive sounding stuff.

Except all my rooms are rented.  I hear from Mena today that "She"'s idea was to move stormmonkey into the living room, and rent out that room to this friend of hers.  Who, by "She"'s admission (to Mena) is a known drug user.  Riiiiight.

On to today.  I'm giving Mena a lift to the dentist, and as I'm pulling out of the driveway, "She", obviously drunk, starts going on about how hard her life is, and how much she loves me.  This from the woman whose only communication for about two months was about money.  From Mena I gather there was quite a fight between her and Tony last night, which would explain the sudden affection.

Sigh.  At least she's slightly less transparent when she's not drunk.  There's something insulting about really obvious manipulation attempts.  Do they think you're that stupid?  Ah well.

On a more positive note, I got Mena the cell phone she's been asking for since her birthday (And through Christmas).  We worked out a deal:  I bought the phone, she'll pay for the service (Metro PCS).  At that, I'm happy.   She's been incredibly helpful around the house, and a good friend.  And with her depending on so many friends and services for transport, a cell is actually extremely useful to her.

On an even more positive note, tonight is Debbie's party.  Yay!  I plan to do my bit to get her completely blasted.

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