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That's Better

In continuation of the last entry - about an hour and a half later:

synkitty: Yes i need a ride
Me: Ah. Could you *ask* for one, dear?
synkitty: Yes could you please give me a ride home?
Me: OK.
synkitty: I am sorry about not asking please forgive my rudeness
Me: It has been bothering me a little bit, hence the snippiness. But nothing to be incredibly upset about. I'll see ya later.
synkitty: Well, i will work on my politeness for i don't like being rude

Now, I probably shouldn't have posted all this - it was sent privately, and I haven't asked her for permission, which is, well, rude.

But I think it's good to be able to point out that one can easily resolve minor frictions without being nasty.

Also a reminder that the people that bug you may be doing so in complete innocence.

And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I'll also be apologizing to her tonight.

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