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You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

I didn't do too much during the day yesterday - just hung out in my room, responded to emails, posts, amd comments, and read a few new webcomics.

Dinner was a sandwich and something in a banana leaf from Lee's Sandwiches.

Then k_magic gave me a ride to KoC, and the evening started. I'm not sure who did all of the decorating, but there were birthday banners everywhere, and trivialt was busy anchoring balloons to things.

I had most everything set up by about 8:00. timenchanter showed up about then, started taking down names, and shoved me out of the booth so I could hang out. There were so many people signed up that he started the show around 8:15.

I won't even attempt to list all the people that showed up. Let's just say it was quite a crowd, and I had a wonderful time with all of you.

misswong77 graced us with her presence, a song, and a positively sinful DARK chocolate cake. The candles were letters that spelled Happy Birthday, which was good - the appropriate number of normal candles would have set the bar on fire.

Tips consisted of an inordinately large amount of money, a birthday card (Thank you, Tim, that was painfully appropriate), and five roses.

The plan was to have me spend the night drunk. In the end, I just spent it pleasantly tipsy, which was fine by me. In fact, it worked out better that way because of the S.J. Pride contest fiasco.

Joe, after insisting we move this stage of the contest to Thursday, forgot it was happening. And neither bluize nor I had his number. He finally called around 10:30 to apologize for forgetting, and tell us to forgo the fee and just run it ourselves.

Kris put together a plan, and we ran with that. Which means I did something I swore I would never do: Judge in a karaoke contest. We opened to floor to signups, and set up myself, Kris, sugarbare, and Kaye as judges. wavewarrior was also supposed to judge, but he took off.

In fact, we had a bit of a problem with people dropping out, partly because we weren't able to get organized and have everyone signed up until around 11:45.

I had a whole point system worked out for how to calculate the winners. Fortunately, it turned out all the judges unanimously picked the same people: Timmie and Alicia.

By the time all 16 songs had been sung, it was around 1:00. I started the attempt to finish a last (and third) round. I managed to get all the new people in, at least, though I ran a couple of minutes past 2:00 so Kristin could get a song in.

It then took me nearly 50 minutes to close down, while poor Timmie languished. Then we took off to Mini Gourmet, because we were both hungry. This worked out well for me - the food banished the last of my hangover. Timmie conked out, so I ended up driving Fawkes the last bit home.

And collapsed in bed.

Today, swanhart and I plan to do some exploring in San Francisco. And I'm late for that.

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