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Running in Place

I spent hours last night fiddling around. I didn't get anything done that I know of, but I certainly fiddled around. I got to bed around 6:00. I really don't know how I do this.

Today I've mostly been, well, here. On LJ and other sites.

Well, I've also been arguing with my fax service. They apparently are unable to verify my credit card anymore. Which is odd, since everybody else can. That went back and forth and around and about through a lot of phonecalls. The upshot? I'll send them a check.

Meanwhile, I haven't heard from my parents at all, which I'll think of as a good thing. I need to get cleaned up and find out what's going on there.

And that will determine whether I'm off to Alameda tonight.

Meanwhile, I need to stop stressing about not having any money, and actually make some. I apparently have a personal objection to the concept...

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