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I never made it to see my dad Monday - by the time I crawled out of my room, it was time to rush off to the show. So rush I did.

I believe I got going pretty close to on time for once. Not that it was too vital - there were only four of us in the rotation.

But as is usual of late, that gradually increased. Not hugely, but it did increase. I believe there were about 10 of us singing at the busiest point, and I closed down after the ninth round, at about 1:10.

Yvonne came back, which is a good thing. For one, she sings a different style than most of us. I always consider that a positive.

Otherwise, most of the excitement was spawrhawk trying to convince sugarbare to have sex with him. She kept telling him she wasn't going to take the responsibility for turning him straight...

trivialt didn't show at all. However, qzar_mystik came in with Mike in tow, and proceeded to sing a series of non-musical and non-Disney songs. The world is a strange and unpredictable place.

The Denny's crowd was quite large this time. Mike and Anthony got tired and left before I got there, but the party still consisted of myself, Mikey, his friend Andrew, synkitty, Jasmine, Heather, mvmedic, as well as a visit from Mike Forcier and his very pregnant wife (Jenny, I believe).

I don't really know Forcier all that well, but it was kind of interesting having someone from the more fen side of the street. He's apparently doing something discipline-related with Synthia.

Then I dropped my various non-fares off at home, and headed to my room. And actually slept for a bit.

I was attempting to be productive in the afternoon when my mom called. She'd slipped and hit her head pretty badly on the way into the hospital, and had just finished getting her head stitched, scanned, and wrapped. Apparently nothing was fractured, but she was pretty dizzy. And, well, her head hurt.

The dizziness was most likely a cause of the fall rather than a result - she's been having vertigo problems for several years. Sucks, it does.

I got in contact with timenchanter, who graciously consented to meet us up at my parents' house. When my dad ended up not being discharged (To all appearances because they weren't going to get around to it), Mom and I headed up into the mountains in her car. Timmie and I settled her in a bit, then came back down to my waiting vehicle.

Then a quick bite at McDonald's, and an evening at the second Gay Skate.

I bravely manned the rest tables again - this time with Danielle to help me. As always, it was good people-watching time. I spent a fair amount of time talking to Sammy (Sammi? Sami? I've got to find the correct spelling sometime), which was great fun.

Afterwards, quite a few of us headed off to Coldstone just before it closed. Poor Timmie opted to follow me, then got lost because I sped through a yellow light. So he returned home to the phone he hadn't been able to retrieve all day.

The group at that point was myself, cekyr0, jeffercine, Sammy, the ever-lovely wissavix, and Danielle. Krista and Danielle took off home after about half an hour.

The rest of us headed towards the cars, then kinda got stuck conversing for quite a long time. Terrible it was. What finally broke it up was the condition of Alex and Jefferson's ankles.

And now I'm home. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Alameda. My plans are pretty fluid, though, since I don't know what's going on with Mom and Dad.

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