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Odds and Ends

Last night was a pretty good show - even if I only ended up with a $5 tip.

The bar was full, but the rotation never got ridiculous. I think the longest the rotation got was 25 people. A lot, but a damn sight more manageable than 40.

Both trivialt and qzar_mystik were there. Anthony was at his most diverse - he sang Disney, Rent, and Wicked songs. Sigh.

I don't remember a lot of the night too clearly. I assume this has something to do with Brandon. Brandon's a waiter at Carrows, who asked where I played - and showed up last night. He figured it was his job to ply me with liquor, which he did fairly successfully.

I'm pretty sure I did OK, anyway, though I almost tripped and fell a couple of times.

twitchet showed up, so I got some huggling in.

kizmet100 brought a friend/date, Renée, who's a pretty good singer. A woman named Yvonne also showed up, and was pleased with both the selection and the sound system.

I closed up around 1:40, after the fourth round. timenchanter then drove me to supersniffles's place, where we had yet more midget chicken&rice. Also cookies, though Timmie slept through that part.

We (Uh, Cindi and I) watched about half of "Mambo Italiano" before it was time to consider bed. Timmie was too fast asleep to drive me to my car, so Cindi did.

Then I headed home, shuffled some discs for the backup, and slept.

Today, I'm still jockeying backup discs. It claims it's 95% done, but we'll see. In the meantime, I've finally extracted my old songbook data. Now all I have to do is put it in a database, and slap a front end on it. That's all. Yeah.

Oh, and I finally took some auction item pictures. Baby steps.

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