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Web Politics

I don't normally do the whole politics thing here, but I'm personally disturbed by the "internet fast-lane" legislature that's making it through congress.

Not the most burning issue in the world, mind you - there are far more pressing things - but it does end up being a free speech issue.

The legislation is presented as a way for backbone providers to create a paid, "fast lane" for data transfers across the net. On the face of it, it seems reasonably innocuous - some sites can get their data to you faster. Big deal.

The problem is that this soon migrates to only those sites being able to get to you with any reasonable speed at all, while smaller, more "marginal" sites chug along with whatever tiny amount of leftover bandwidth is given to them.

This can have a chilling effect on both eCommerce and free speech. Imagine only being able to reliably read Fox News, for example.

If you don't mind, and don't mind signing an online petition, you can go here.

That is all

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