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Dinner and a Show

Last night's combined birthday dinner was very, very nice. We went to La Maison du Café, a very nice little restaurant in Los Gatos. Extremely good French food. I believe the owner is Lebanese, which might give you an idea of the flavor of the place.

We've been there a few times before. Largely because my dad loves their roast duck.

Beth was late by about 25 minutes because, well because her sense of direction and ability to follow instructions is even worse than mine. Scary but true. It's apparently genetic.

We had a nice time and a good set of conversations. My dad would have done better if he hadn't forgotten to take some painkillers. He'll be back under the knife to attempt to fix his knee next Friday. Hopefully things will get better after that.

After dinner, Beth and I headed up to KoC. It was the third anniversary party for Adrenochrome, and was pretty crowded. Lots of people I hadn't seen for ages. Beth and I hung out, talked, and (gulp) danced for a bit. She went home around 11:00, but I hung out and schmoozed until closing.

The usual stuff. Giving long neck massages to pretty women. Turning down offers of sex from lesbians.

And long talks with justnate. I swear I talk to him more there than here.

Then home, where for some reason I started on the concept of backing up my desktop, probably in part because I haven't in the two years or so since I built it. This was the usual "trying to get a new program to work" deal, with several hours of attempts, upgrade downloads, and further upgrade purchases. I believe I actually got it started at around 6:00am.

And it's still going. In fact it's only 1/3 finished, partly because I slept through a DVD exchange.

I'm supposed to be going up to Alameda this afternoon, but this stupid process is kinda messing with that.

I'm also conditioning my new laptop battery, but that's nowhere near as limiting.

If you need a way to waste time, I can find it.

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