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Life Continues

I didn't even make it to the bar last night until 8:15 or so. Not that there was a huge crowd waiting for me, mind you - the contents of the bar were myself, mvmedic, bluize (Who shortly went home), and dwo.

I got set up as fast as I could, and started the three of us off at around 8:40.

Then people started coming in. It gradually turned into a fairly busy night. We weren't packed by any means, but we had several 12-person rounds.

I can't say I was amazingly "on" in song selection, but I wasn't too far off, either. Most people sang what I gave them, and I only had one refusal-of-three-songs-in-a-row.

There were brief appearances by quite a few people, including trivialt and (sigh) qzar_mystik. Effie showed up after quite a long absence.

I closed up at about 1:40 after finishing the 8th round, took Heather home, then settled in at Carrow's. The waiter there may never get my soup order right, but it's likely he'll show up for karaoke this Thursday. Should be interesting.

Otherwise, I've been trying to figure out how to get Hindi on a web page. My dad thinks it would be cute to have a couple of sayings. The problem is that a whole bunch of computers out there don't have Devanagari fonts installed. I spent a lot of the night reading up on font embedding, and finally giving up on it - support isn't standardized. In the end, after quite a few hours of search for a decent-looking free embeddable font, I made a gif. I'm patting myself on the back for making an aliased transparent gif, but then I'm easily amused.

Now I've just got to figure out how to align that gif with normal text. I may be backed into using a (gasp) table, which is anathema to the web designer in the know.

Otherwise, I haven't done much at all. I need to take my (ahem) morning shower, and go find something to eat. Before I'm stuck going back to Carrows.

Oh, and doing something that pays. Right. Money running out. Wolves at the door. All that sort of rot.

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