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Up and Down

Odd day, yesterday.

I got quite a lot accomplished at my parents' place. Well, starting there, anyway. We finally did the dump run, which meant maneuvering my parents' old Toyota truck through the hills and down to Ben Lomond. Without power steering. It's one way to bulk up your biceps...

Then general stuff around their place. I had my backup SD card fail while working on dad's website (I was trying to transfer some pictures from his PC). So now I have to replace it. That took a lot of time, as I tried to fix various corruption issues - and then finally discovered that I couldn't even format it from my phone.

I discovered that if I hang over the edge of their deck at exactly the right place, I get two bars' worth of reception. Woo-hoo!

I came back down the hill, and discovered that there were gatherings at both markobellydance's house and the Hamptons. I chose the Hamptons based in part on a dislike of Trivial Pursuit...

That turned out to be one hell of a lot of fun. The party consisted of myself, cekyr0 and jeffercine (of course), wissavix, and her friend Danielle.

The ever-lovely Krista was pretty well plowed when I got there, and happily stayed in that state throughout the evening. Most entertaining. Every few minutes someone would say something quotable, and Alex would run off to post it - hence the flood of quotes, if he or the quote community are on your friend's list...

I discovered that amaretto mixes with margarita mix quite successfully.

Perhaps too successfully. I stopped drinking when I spilled my drink all over the table and on my pants...

That's about when the party ended, mostly because Alex slumped over in front of his computer, and had to be dragged to bed (Jeff, you have got to post that picture). Danielle took Krista home, and I stuck around watching cable until I felt safe to drive.

Today, my head is not my friend. Honestly, probably because I slept wrong rather than a hangover - my neck is in baaad shape - but whatever. Not happy camper. Gretchen and Mena want to go to lunch. Gretchen's willing to pay.

The lure of the free food is strong.

But I need to get cleaned up first, and they'll probably be done before I get into the shower. Ah well.

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