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The Queen Returneth

I actually did manage to nap for a bit yesterday afternoon, apart from dealing with the mechanic.

I'm not sure what's going on with them. This is the second time I've tried to get a tuneup out of them, and they didn't want to do it. This time, they listened to my symptoms (rough idle and mild pinging on acceleration) and wanted to "investigate". Two hours later, I called them, and they were still investigating - and wanted to keep the car overnight.

I told them no, I needed it.

I wandered over just before closing, and the car wasn't even on the lot - it had apparently been moved somewhere for overnight safekeeping. It took about 20 minutes to get it back.

I'd think they were trying to scam me, if it weren't that, in the end, they just charged me $26 for an oil change. Mayhaps it's the language barrier...

In any case, shortly thereafter timenchanter and I climbed in said vehicle, and headed over to the airport to pick up misswong77. That happened without much on the order of hitches - especially since one can park and wait for free on Skyport Dr.

The three of us then went off to Sonoma Chicken Coop, where there was much feeding and gnashing of teeth.

Followed by ComedySportz, of course. She's become so much of a regular that they charged us half-price.

After the show, Lucinda pointed out that they only seem to do raunchy bits when I'm there. Interesting...

In any case, I dropped her and her luggage off at home (One small suitcase, a Wicked poster, and a laptop bag for a week's trip - you can just tell she's not a gay man), then brought Timmie and myself home. And we slept.

Today I'm in the process of getting up and doing the parents' thing. It looks like it may be dry enough to do that dump run this week.

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