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I finally made it to the Gay Bar at around 5:00 last night. Not a lot of people at that point - and most of those there were, uh, well into the nature of the festivities. But I got to chat with cmjfoxfyre for over an hour, which was much, much fun.

In the process, I learned that her brother - who was expected any minute - is even worse at directions than I am. He kept calling every 5 minutes or so, to mention he was once again on the wrong exit/wrong freeway/going in the wrong direction. It was quite entertaining.

From there I went to the bar, and set up for the evening. The main symptom left of the new power hookup was that a couple of the lights didn't work. No biggie.

A very good night. The rotation got large, but not completely unmanageable. In fact, after people started leaving, around midnight, I was able to squeeze in a total of 5 rounds.

Several new singers, at least one of which had originally come for Tuesday's speed dating. We also had Wayne and a new David, both of them extremely good singers, and both of them, uh, hard to differentiate. dwo and I were talking about this at one point, and trying to figure out methods we could use...

While trivialt didn't make it, hollyk did, and there was much rejoicing.

bluize ran the tip jar around, and I did quite handsomely.

Afterward I dropped Heather off at home, then joined supersniffles at Carrows. This time we had a completely different incompetent waitress. At least this one had the excuse of being in training. Also, the main problem seemed to be that the cook was dragging. Either they were understaffed, or there's someone new there, as well.

Whatever - it made for a longer conversation. Then home, and a few hours of sleep.

Today I got myself up, cleaned, and to kshandra's work at 12:00 sharp. OK, it might have been 12:01. I've been meaning to share a meal with her sometime for ages, and finally decided to just give up on sleep and do it. She suggested University Chicken near SCU, which turned out to be pretty good.

I was then actually up and about during daylight hours, so I did a few chores: Deposited a rent check, got an updated SIM card from Cingular (They say it might help with reception at my parents, which I doubt, but hey, it's free), and dropped off my car at the shop for an oil change and tuneup.

And now I think I'll nap in my chair for a bit.

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