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kshandra just posted a great quote on pain (mostly aimed at psychological pain, the worst kind) - and someone cross-posted this litany for being centered through pain in her responses.

It reminded me of when I was younger, and in many ways quite a bit wiser. I suffered a lot from headaches as a young teen, and had to learn to deal with them. I found that if I focussed on the pain, it would get worse - but if I considered and accepted the pain, it would get better.

It's a little hard to describe - in the first case, I would try to mentally isolate the pain, sort of psychologically encyst it in one small part of my body. And it would stay sharp and bright and strong.

But if I contemplated the pain, accepted it for what it was, and welcomed it into me, it would slowly dilute and dissipate. It would bother me less almost immediately.

At one point - I don't seem to be able to do this anymore - I learned to deal with walking unprotected through cold and wind in a similar way. If one imagines it flowing through one, one can become a part of it, and the discomfort goes away.

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