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Demons and Snakes, Oh My!

Slept/Dozed through most of the day.  Also wasted a great deal of time here.  A lot of fun - make of it what you will.

Some time in the midafternoon I learned that stormmonkey had moved a huge terrarium with snakes into the living room.  This wasn't too serious except (1) she neglected to consider it was my living room, not hers, and (2) Mena is deathly afraid of snakes.  She promised to move them into a smaller terrarium in her room, which appeared to be sufficient...

I pointed out that she must get approval from all housemates before doing this kind of shit, and that we've also talked, and a second dog is still a complete no-go - including the "temporary" dog-sitting job she told us she'd taken, again without consulting anyone.  I'm not sure how much sank in - I got a fair amount of static back that I didn't even pay attention to.

Managed to get up and dressed for the evening so I could do dinner and see Constantine with timenchanter, neo83, and Scott's new boyfriend.  I'd recommend the movie.  I still have some doubts about Keanu Reaves as John Constantine, but he did better than I expected, and they did a great job of matching several of the Hellblazer themes without being a slave to them.  Actually, I had more trouble with them moving the location from London to Los Angeles.

Missed a call from Mena in the meantime.  Didn't think too much of it, until I returned it after the movie and discovered that she called because this is her second sleepless night.  She has a profound fear of snakes, and hasn't been able to sleep for the last two days.  She's having a hard time making past Rachell's door to her room.  Much worse than I thought.  I had to come home, sit with her, and find things to distract her just to stop the shallow breathing.

So either the snakes go, or I need to get valium for Mena.  Somehow I don't think Rachell will be too understanding of the logical solution, but she's going to have to deal.

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