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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
Stuff. Lotsa Stuff

I still haven't made any progress in putting stuff up for auction.

OK, I have - I just haven't done it yet. I've investigated USPS mailing practices, and gotten myself labels for printing postage. That's about it.

On the other hand, well, I finished off the whole traffic school thing last night. Got a 100% of the proctored exam (big whoop), and dropped off the certificate at the courthouse's drop box.

Then I went up to the bar. The Fire Marshal and Health Department have been making KoC their special project, lately - mainly because we, well, suck. In order to get rid of the many daisy-chained power strips, Paula had a row of outlets installed in the DJ booth.

And the system sounded terrible - the 60Hz buzz of doom.

So bluize asked me to come up and fix it. Which, in true heroic fashion, I did. It turned out they'd hooked up everything except my rack to the new power, and I was apparently on a different phase - the normal recipe for a ground loop.

Anyway, all fixed now, and the system sounds much cleaner than it did before. I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Going to the bar on a Wednesday had the extremely positive effect of allowing me a conversation with the lovely Janis, who's bartending on Wednesdays. Well, conversation, two hugs, and a peck on the cheek. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Then off to the Hamptons for some partying and hanging out. An excellent group, as always. They'd even saved some food.

I left there about 11:30, and took Sami's friend home. I should know her name by now, but I'm terrible with names that aren't written on slips of paper. Then home, and sleep.

Today has been uneventful - and not entirely unproductive. I've merged more info into the prototype for my dad's website, as well as improved the code - it's got much cleaner CSS now.

Mario came over, paid rent, and actually worked some in the workshop. Hopefully he'll be doing more of that - the poor guy's been sick with one thing or another for over a year.

And now I'm late to the 420 party at the Gay Bar...

Current Location: HoD
Mood: blahblah

Her name is Brittany. Don't feel bad, I can never remember either (saw it on an evite recently and said THAT's her).

Yay for better sound!

a-HA! Yes, she even said her name to nightvzn in my presence.

So my problem is cognitive dissonance. She doesn't look or act like a Brittany.

Much more of a Meghan, or an Erin, or even a Julia. But not a Brittany.

I'll have to work up some sort of mnemonic for her...

Funny thing is I can usually remember that her name starts with a B, and I still have trouble. First thing that pops in my head is Bridgette, but I know where that one comes from (and she's not like her). I'm sure we'll think of something.

Well, of course. With that hair and build, one would naturally think of all the celtic names.

Mary, Bridget, Margaret...

s'ok bruce...we're just mellow right now. i'm about to cook pasta. woot.

Well, mellow would be appropriate, now wouldn't it?

lol...of course. heehee.