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Victory Through Insomnia!

By my usual methods, I managed to derail most of last night's attempt to be productive.

I went out to a quick dinner with timenchanter, then came home to help him set up his bed and work on some of my stuff.

Well, his bed is set up. His computer is set up, and seems to now be miraculously working. The first time ever I've heard of removing a virus by leaving a machine off for 3 months. Apparently it got bored or something.

The remaining evening hours I spent sitting in Timmie's room, attempting to corrupt justnate with an overload of odd webcomics - Perry Bible Fellowship and Sexy Losers, in this case.

At around 11:30, I retreated to my room, then wasted more time for a few hours - some of them napping, I think. At 2:00 or so, I started my online traffic school. Which I finished about an hour ago. So at least something's gotten finished.

OK, it'll be finished this evening when I take the in-person exam. And I may be late enough that I'll have to run the paperwork to the court myself. Possibly not - we'll see.

This all means that I'm going to have to skip Alameda for yet another week - and so will be showing up at the Hamptons around 7:30 or 8:00.

In the meantime, I'm supposed to do lunch with Timmie, so I'm going to try this "sleep" thing for a couple of hours.

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