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Last night was a pretty good Monday. There was a certain amount of confusion at the beginning - both mvmedic and bluize thought that William was opening, which would have worked out great, if William hadn't read the chart and discovered that Kris was actually the one scheduled.

So he had just opened the bar when timenchanter and I got there.

No biggie. As I said before, I had 10 people in the rotation early on in the evening. Things got a little more sparse later, as various groups decided it would be best to get some sleep on a Monday night, but between arrivals and departures, I still had 6 singers after midnight.

I ran for a total of 8 rounds, and closed down a little after 1:00, having gone through a whole show without trivialt.

Then I took a sleeping Timmie home, and went to bed myself.

Today I've done, well, I've, uh, hmmm...

Yep, I've done pretty much nothing.

I have quite a bit I need to do, pronto, but I'm just sorta sitting here. Sigh. At least I have nothing planned for the evening, so maybe when I perk up around 9:00 or 10:00 I'll be able to be productive.

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