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Last night's show was, well, pretty good. Not incredibly busy - I ended up running for 8 rounds - but a nice group. In fact there were a large number of rounds purely because it took a while for people to show up.

Which means some people who got there early actually got to sing quite a bit.

dwo showed up for his first Sunday in forever. trivialt also showed up after making it back over the mountains from his dad's place.

Afterward, supersniffles was more than a bit tired of Denny's (OK, the last visit had made her sick), so the two of us headed over to Carrows.

Then home. I was going to start on my taxes, but I was tired, so I slept for 4 hours or so, then dragged myself awake and to work.

And after about 6 hours, my taxes for 2005 are finally done. I have no idea if they're done correctly, but I did the best I could.

I miss the days when I just had a simple job, and no businesses. It's been ages since I could fill out an EZ...

On the good side, at least according to Turbotax, I'm gonna get a couple of thousand back, which will help with next month's mortgage.

About the time I had everything printed out, and had showered, timenchanter had made it home, so we did some peripatetion from there: Dropped off the California taxes at the post office (I e-filed the federal ones), tried to find a Cingular store so he could talk to them about his phone ("It's not our problem"), and grabbed some dinner (Subway's dinner for two combo is cheap).

Then to the bar, which has been quite pleasant. I have 10 people in the rotation right now, and we're busy making bad Pokemon jokes. Life is good.

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