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I spent most of yesterday evening at my parents' place. Just a nice, mellow time. I'm supposed to be going up there to help with chores, but my main chore last night was keeping them entertained. Works for me, especially when I'm paid in my mom's cooking...

I still haven't started my taxes. It's becoming one of those tasks that takes on far more importance - and therefore is far easier to procrastinate - than it should have. At this rate I may even put in an extension, which would be ridiculous.

I did manage to get my new light fixture put up last night. I now have 3 spotlights on my ceiling, and so enough light to actually read by in the room. Plus an aluminum fixture, instead of the ucky brass stuff.

Today I got up early, and had a lunch with the HoD affiliate - it's her birthday tomorrow. I also managed to get my movies back from her, and succeeded at keeping my clothes on.

Not much else. I think I'll nap a bit before the show...

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