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Not a particularly busy day. I woke up a bit before noon, had breakfast with Frida, then we enjoyed the nice weather and took the dogs to the dog park.

Beautiful blue sky, happy running dogs, and, well, a swamp. The park is fairly level, and doesn't drain well. I was soooo glad I didn't take a shower first. Apart from tramping through muck, Lucy kept running through puddles - then shaking it off in front of me specifically.

Frida gave me a shitload of stuff to sell on eBay, so I'm going to be forced to get started. She also talked about possibly cleaning my room Saturday, but she's probably forgotten about that by now...

After that, I cleaned up, and headed south towards the bar. I stopped at IKEA to grab a new light fixture for my room. Hopefully now I'll have some light in there...

I was hoping to get a task done before the show started, but between that and talking to bluize, I was barely able to start on time.

A fairly typical Thursday, as it goes. I started with four singers, and haven't finished the first round yet. So far I've had 28 individual singers sign up. A lot of high-energy songs tonight - and one hell of a pleasant party.

A number of new faces, even if trivialt isn't here. This really cute girl named Meghan, for one...

I should probably get back to work. spawrhawk has caught me blogging, and says "hi!"

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