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My sleep schedule is now further off, but not for too bad a reason.

Some time around 1:30 in the morning, I woke up in my chair, and prepared to go to sleep. I lay down, started dozing a bit, grabbed the laptop, and started coding the minimum price calculator I've been needing to put together.

One of my problems - apart from the quite obvious one of "doing something," is that I haven't had an inkling of what would produce a profit and what wouldn't. There's a giant morass of fees and costs, all depending on different factors.

I finally went to sleep around 8:00am, with most of it coded. I woke up again a little before noon, finished up, and did some debugging. By 1:30pm, it was working pretty predictably.

I originally thought of doing this in a spreadsheet, but ended up using JavaScript, simply because it was more familiar.

So now I have a useful tool, at least.

I finally got on the road to Alameda around 4:30, so I did manage to make it a bit earlier this time.

It's been... interesting up here. Sabrina is apparently behaving better in school, but was a major pain in the ass all evening, including a number of blow-ups. I understand she wants attention, but it's near impossible to approach giving her the level of attention she craves.

Frida cooked one of her awesome dinners, then took off to a meeting. I'm supposed to flip over the flan when it finally solidifies, except I have no idea if that's happened or not. I mean, it's flan, fer crissakes.

Otherwise, I've been sitting in their living room surfing - and considering things. I have a number of things I need, desperately, to do - like taxes, which I still haven't started. But I also need to start cleaning my room. Actually, disinfecting it might be a good idea. It appears to have developed... fauna.

It's kind of odd, since I don't bring food in there all that often. But apparently there's enough for a developing ecosystem. This will have to change.

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