Bruce (kor27) wrote,

The March of Progress

Since I'm not going to Alameda, I decided to head to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I'm polishing off a plate of chicken and biscuits.

Scary that - I'm almost finished, too.

I'm on another hot date with the laptop, and as I usually do, I let it look for local wireless networks.

There's normally one, which doesn't connect to anything. This time there were three - one useless one named, originally enough, "Wireless", but also "tmobile" and "westfield".

The last two are pay connection access points. The TMobile one is from the Borders next door - they're in most Borders and Starbucks, and also a lot of airports. They also want $6/hr for a connection - though they're willing to give you month-to-month for $40.

The Westfield one is for most Westfield malls. It's $3/day, or you can get monthly access for $20.

Which seems to confirm the general business model of "charge Starbucks customers through the nose, because they have no concept of good value."

And this post? It's being done through my phone. I'm already paying an extra $20/month for unlimited data access, and I don't desperately need a high speed connection right now.

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